How Important is Mobile For Your Business?

With all the hype surrounding the next game-changing technology, you may be wondering what value does any of it bring to your company.  Not every new technology can bring value to your unique business.  Yet, there are some technologies which can bring tremendous value.  A business has to discern, early on, between those technologies which are nothing more than hype vs those which will help drive a wedge between you and your competition.
Mobility is an area with a wide range if utility.  However, creating a mobile app without a revenue-generating strategy makes it simply a high-cost marketing tool.  Companies that view mobility as a strategic play, beyond just a presence, are positioning their company for the greatest yields.  Most businesses that are not already generating revenue from a mobile application may find that business is fine today, however, let’s get some perspective by reviewing the current trends int the consumer market:
  • A recent study by comScore found that 29% of all search activity derives from phones or tablets.  That is one in three visitors to your website are accessing it from a mobile device.  Will they be able to use your website?
  • The same study also showed that 47% of all mobile users watch online videos, and 10% of total mobile users do so every day.  The integration of video and mobile allows companies to deliver a strong marketing message.  Are you taking advantage of video?
  • The comScore study reported that 75% adults access online content from both a desktop and mobile phone, rather than just a desktop.  This number has climbed by 8% in just one year.
  • According to Nielsen, 80% of teens 14 to 17 own smartphones and more than 90% of them use them to watch videos and search online.  The new generation of consumers in the market are raised with mobility as a lifestyle.  Are you ready to accommodate them?
  • A study from L2 shows that 69% of the world’s consumers aged 18 to 39 with a median income over $75,000 research products on mobile devices.According to comScore, over 40% of TV watching is occurring on mobile devices.
  •  According to comScore, over 40% of TV watching is occurring on mobile devices.
These facts support mounting evidence that mobility is not just here to stay, but is quickly transforming into a primary – if not THE primary – channel for consumers interacting with businesses in the near future.  Companies that invest in e-Commerce opportunities – specifically those properly setup to drive revenue through their app – will dominate the market.  It is important for businesses to remember that the key to establishing a successful mobile strategy is more than simply having an app, but rather they true key is to implement solutions within your app which specifically meet the objectives of your corporate e-commerce strategy.  When going from strategy to implementation, make sure to partner with companies having a verifiable record in e-Commerce and mobility, and keep an open mind to the ways that mobile e-commerce can change the engagement with your customer.  e-Commerce is much more than simply purchasing items for a catalog, rather it is any consumer based interaction within your app that drives consumers to purchase from your business.
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