The Software Development Experts Have Arrived

As interactive websites and mobile enterprise solutions continue to rise, highly-skilled software developers and great project managers are in short supply. At Software Logic, we understand the changing landscape and have developed a unique value proposition to help our customers get ahead.

It is widely reported that great software developers are hard to find. While most software developers start coding based on their interpretation of company’s project goals, we found that jumping right into this phase can cause breaks in testing and the code.  This slows down the project and causes a lot of frustration for the customer. At Software Logic, we innovated a simple three step process to create the best website and mobile solution without broken links or project disruptions.

The first step in our process includes listening to our customer’s business needs. We want to understand what they are seeking to accomplish through their web presence and mobile solution, including a responsive design. During the listening phase, we are assessing the technology, determining the end goal, and analyzing the project from the consumer’s perspective.

This brings us to our second phase. Once we create a business plan that includes how the website and mobile solution should work and operate from the consumer’s viewpoint, we seek approval from the business to ensure we are in alignment. When the plan is approved, we build automated tests to confirm that the code will accomplish the goals of both the company and the consumer.

In phase three, we develop the code to match the specifications agreed upon in the business plan. During this process, we certify that 100% of all tests succeed. While our project and process may take a little bit longer on the front-end, there are no broken links on the back-end because everything is running smoothly based on the tests we perform. As an insurance policy, we set up the system to notify us when something is not working properly at any point in the development process so we can modify the design before it is launched.

Ultimately, our team of software development experts help businesses with their web presence and mobile transformation. The three step process that we created is seamless and it helps businesses scale. At any time during the process, Software Logic also offers project management consulting services, including communication timelines, coordination, and marketing efforts.

Software Logic is transparent, on time, and on budget throughout the entire development process. This is our commitment to you. So if you are seeking a best-in-class software developer, please contact Software Logic today.