How to Transition to the Cloud in 2017

2017 has arrived, and analysts are releasing new reports confirming that the cloud is here to stay and businesses are adopting the new technologies in droves.

According to a new Synergy Research Group report, during the prior four quarters, revenues for cloud operator and vendors reached $148 billion, representing an increase in revenue growth of 25 percent year over year. This extraordinary rate of return for businesses manufacturing cloud technology confirms that more and more companies are migrating their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Essentially, businesses across many different verticals are adopting a cloud-first culture due to the advantages it provides their organization.

When considering a transition to the cloud for your organization in the new year, it is essential to have a trusted software development firm to help you through the process—from strategic planning all the way through to implementation.

So how can a software development firm enable your business to transition to the cloud smoothly, without hassle, while saving you time and money over the long term? Here are some ways we can help.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Services

Through automation, cloud enablement, analytics, and responsiveness, APIs should be a fundamental part of your toolbox. APIs allow partners to plug their systems with your systems, allowing automation to perform common tasks quickly and effectively. APIs can help your organization harness the cloud to drive revenue growth, add capacity, enhance service offerings, improve responsiveness, and increase customer loyalty for customers who have connected to your API.

Building a lasting, flexible API requires experience and an in-depth understanding of the standards and best practices to ensure that your partners easily understand your API and can seamlessly plug into it.  Sync up with a software development firm that can help capture your vision and bring it all the way to fruition.

Integrations and Interoperability

With the right cloud platform technology, your software development partner can help your organization bring the company’s IT systems together. Integrations also give your organization the ability to offer richer solutions to your customers and internal teams. That’s a win-win for internal communications and customer experience.

Your software development partner can help you identify the right cloud technology platform for your business and make the transition as smooth as possible, without interruption in business.

App-to-Cloud Conversions

Bring your old legacy applications into the new age by converting them into cloud-based applications.  The top organizations are migrating their applications to the cloud to achieve scalability, cost-efficiency, and higher application performance. While there is a lot of upside to this process, migrating apps to the cloud can be a complex process that requires careful planning and deliberation.

A software development partner like Software Logic has your back.  Software Logic’s team of experts offer experienced and efficient migration of business-critical applications across multiple operating systems, on any hardware or storage platform, and in any physical, virtual or cloud-based environment.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Industry titans have moved to the SaaS business model because of its advantages, including time savings, cost savings, scalability, and the ability to work from anywhere on any device. Moving to a SaaS model means automatic updates and patches, so no more worrying about replacing outdated software.  Your organization will also only pay for what you use, so you can say goodbye to the huge CAPEX costs and all the engineers it requires to keep your business running efficiently.

Doesn’t moving to the cloud in 2017 sound amazing? It is, and Software Logic can make it easy for you to transition and accomplish your goals in the coming year with our team of well-qualified and experienced software developers.

To get started, figure out what works in your organization and partner with a software development firm like Software Logic who can help you create a strategy and build a playbook. The right software development partner will help you gain the customer loyalty you seek by implementing the right technology into your business’ ecosystem.

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